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Snap-On Smiles

Snap-On Smiles

Snap-On Smile® is a fully customizable set of attractive, natural-looking teeth fabricated out of high-tech dental resin and designed to fit easily over your existing teeth. Available for both your upper and lower front teeth, Snap-On-Smile is a highly effective yet affordable cosmetic solution to mask unsightly gaps, stains, or dental imperfections as well as crooked or missing teeth. As a temporary or provisional long-term solution for improving the appearance of an imperfect smile, it is an ideal option for patients who cannot afford the expense or make the commitment to more permanent treatment methods of care such as dental crowns, bridges or implants.

A quick, satisfying solution for a less-than-perfect smile

Getting your fully customizable Snap-On Smile involves a painless and non-invasive process that requires no drilling, injections, or change in the structure of your teeth. Best of all, it only requires two short visits to take an impression and provide you with a final fitting of your new Snap-On Smile.

Easy to wear and simple to maintain

The cosmetic effect is instantaneous, giving you a bright and beautiful smile with a snap. A Snap-On Smile leaves you free to eat, drink, and speak in close to the same way you would with a natural set front teeth. Your provisional smile is easy to care for and works well for both temporary and longer-term use.

595 N. Broadway St,
Coal City, IL 60416

Existing Patients: (815) 634-8009

New Patients: (815) 518-2598